Momentive RTV52 Silicone

RTV52 Silicone roof coating is a single part, liquid applied silicone coating that’s an exceptional option for roofing installations as the protective coating over several roofing substrates, including water-borne acrylic coatings, PVC membranes, coated/galvanized metals, and polyurethane foam (spray installed). RTV52 Silicone offers extreme weather degradation resistance due to the coating’s waterproof, weatherproof, durable-yet-breathable protective properties.

Momentive RTV52 Silicone is available in 5 gallon steel pails or 50 gallon steel drums.

  • Apply Over Existing Roof - A low cost alternative to traditional roof repair
  • Easy to Use - Apply coating using a paint roller (no previous experience needed)
  • Stay Cool & Save Money - Coating reflects the sun's heat / UV light off your roof, lowering indoor temperatures and building cooling costs
  • Serious Protection - Coating is highly resistant to permanent ponding water, dirt, mildew, mold, oxidation, UV light, and heat
  • Application Versatility - Coating can be applied over many roof types including metal, spray polyurethane foam, tar & gravel, low-pitched roofs, torchdowns, flat roofs, composites, aged asphalt, modified bitumen, built up roofs, barrel tile, mobile homes, RVs, and campers
  • Single Day Installation - Only two coats needed to complete your coating project (no additional primer / base coat needed)
  • Long Lasting - Outlasts asphalts, acrylics, and urethanes
  • For installation information, contact an AWS representative

Momentive RTV52 Silicone vs. Generic Brands

Product Comparison Momentive RTV52 Silicone Generic Brand
Warranty Limited 50 Year 5-10 Years
Withstands Permanent Ponding Water Yes No
Primer / Basecoat Required? No Yes
Recoating Required? No Yes

Typical Performance Properties

  • Silicone Durability – Silicone rubber shows outstanding long-term resistance to natural weathering once cured, including: UV radiation, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, with minute changes to elasticity
  • Versatile Application – RTV52 is a liquid applied silicone material (one-part) and can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. No mixing of material is required.
  • Ease of Use – Material has a low viscosity, allowing for easy spray application with most commercial grade spray equipment. Material will adhere to high pitches, parapets, vertical walls, and other abnormal surfaces due to its high static viscosity (until it reaches full cure).
  • Ample Work Life – Material has long work life, permitting time for treatments, including application of granules.
  • Accelerated Cure Rate – Quickly reaches weather resistant properties.
  • Low Temperature Storage – Storing material in unheated spaces during cooler months is recommended. Do not store in location where risk of material freezing is possible.

Typical Properties - Supplied

Property Value (1) Test Method
Solids Content, Volume 69% WPSTM P-19
Tack Free Time 45 Minutes WPSTM E-86
Skin-Over Time 30-40 Minutes WPSTM C-560
Viscosity 4360 centipoises WPSTM C-560
Elongation 213% ASTM D 412
VOC 228 g/L EPA Method 24

(1) Average value. Actual value may vary.

Product Safety, Handling and Storage

Customers considering this product for their project should review the latest Material Safety Data Sheet and label for handling instructions, safety information, personal protective equipment (if necessary), and required storage conditions. Material Safety Data Sheets are at or from any All Weather Surfaces representative. Other Materials used with All Weather Surfaces coating products may require additional precautions. Please review and adhere to all safety information noted by material manufacturers.

Warranty Information

Momentive offers a warranty that its product will last 50 years on its applied surface when strictly adhered to Momentive's application instructions and recommended maintenance. This warranty is limited to the Momentive RTV52 Silicone roof coating only. If Momentive RTV52 doesn't adhere to the warranted standard, Momentive will replace the Momentive RTV52 Silicone roof coating at no cost to purchaser. Present original receipt to show required proof of purchase. Warranty excludes all labor, costs related to labor, and any damages incurred from labor. Limited warranty excludes any abuse of installed roof coating, including but not limited to: substrate failure, physical use, pedestrian traffic, vandalism, and natural disasters. Substrates that Momentive RTV52 are applied to must be in sound structural shape with a good life expectancy before being recoated with Momentive RTV52 Silicone. Warranty is void if Momentive RTV52 Silicone is used in any way with any other product. This warranty is non-transferrable to future property owners. Because Momentive has no control over variables during installation, they can't guarantee results of the application. This includes but is not limited to: suitability of under surface, watertight capabilities, and appearance. Momentive offers no other express or implied warranties.

This product warranty provides you with particular rights. You may have other rights, depending upon which state you reside in. Some states don't allow exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so limitations or exclusions included above may not apply. To make a product warranty claim, call Momentive at (888) 443-9466.

Product Information: Application Instructions & Data Sheet